Rug Installation

Nasiri’s rug installation professionals possess the specialist knowledge and experience to prepare and set handmade Nasiri rugs precisely in situ. We also work with an extended network of installation specialists around the world, whom we hold in high regard, and in whose expertise we have the utmost confidence.

Rug Repair & Restoration

Our repair and restoration department is run by a qualified team of skilled weavers who practice old-world craftsmanship. Our conservers pride themselves on understanding the complex composition of the full range of handmade rug structures. Completely dedicated to every piece in our care, we see your carpet as an investment worthy of our unwavering attention.

Rug Cleaning

We take rug cleaning very seriously. Many household carpet-cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that are often not a good choice for treating handmade rugs. Our educated in-house cleaning professionals understand natural fibers, color fastness, the structure of a rug’s foundation, and the way each thread is woven. This essential knowledge will assure your rug is properly and efficiently handled, only coming into contact with cleaning products that are safe for your rug, your family, your pets, and the environment.

Rug Rental

We are proud of our lasting working relationships with set-designers in the film and television industry, as well as studio photographers and event planners catering for the interior design and fashion industries. Our clients appreciate our vast selection of hand-knotted and flatweave rugs offered on short-term rental.

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