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When it comes to finding the perfect rug, a custom piece is often the most rewarding option.

NASIRI excels at collaborating with designers to deliver bespoke handmade rugs tailored specifically to the demands of each client. Custom projects are incredibly fulfilling, allowing for control and creativity.

The size, shape, color, and pattern of existing rugs can be modified to suit your needs. Alternatively, if you’re seeking something original, starting from scratch and devising a bespoke design is our specialty. With countless custom possibilities available, our experienced team is on hand to guide you through the exciting and nuanced processes involved from beginning to end. Share your design goals and work with us to achieve your vision—create a unique design solution perfectly aligned with your desired aesthetic.

NASIRI is equipped to provide advanced customization with a high degree of personalization without sacrificing quality, producing only the finest custom rugs available.

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